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Response to COVID-19

Our daily lives have been forever changed by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.  With the safety of my customers and community in mind I have been working diligently to provide a safe and clean production space for all floral & textile products. If your product arrives to you via mail or local delivery I encourage all customers to immediately wash their hands after receiving and handling any products. Further safety precautions can be found on the World Health Organization's website. All Wedding & Special Event consultations will continue to be held via Zoom and Facetime until further notice.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi there!

I'm Alecia and I am the owner and creator behind Alchemy Atelier. Thank you for stopping by. I've been a working artist since 2011. 

I love all things botanical & textile. Little Rock is homebase.

Creating Alchemy Atelier

In early 2020, I established Alchemy Atelier — a creative studio that unites my passion for special event design, fresh & preserved flowers, textile, & editorial styling.

What I do

I am a maker! Whether you are planning a special event or selecting a piece of custom artwork for your home, I approach each project with intention and authenticity.

What Matters to Me

I take great pride in working as sustainably as possible, including all the material I use, the processes I follow, and how everything makes its way from point A to B. I am passionate about collaborating with local growers, domestic wholesalers and artisans before anyone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

- FAQ Pressed Floral Art -

How Do I Get My Flowers To You?

If you're not local to Little Rock or don't have time to drop off flowers to the studio, you can ship your flowers to me!
If you're local you can schedule an appointment to drop your flowers off between 9am-5pm on weekdays & 12pm-6pm on weekends.

How Long Will My Pressed Floral Art Take to Create?

Flower preservation is a slow but worthwhile process. In most cases you can expect your custom piece to be ready in 4-8 weeks. High volume spring months may require additional additional drying & design time.

Can I See My Frame Before It Is Complete?

Yes! Once your flowers are dry I will send you photos of design compositions for you to choose from.

Do You Sell Pressed Floral Art That Are Not Provided By A Client?

Yes! There are always new original framed botanical artwork in the online store as well as prints of previous works for purchase.

Are There Any Flowers or Greenery You Do Not Accept For Pressing?

No. However, while all blooms are beautiful but not all are meant to be pressed. Particularly, all white bouquets are more likely to brown and do not have the best results. Flowers with rich color do best. Peonies & Garden Roses are not good candidates for pressing. They are better suited for alternative drying techniques & presentation.

If you have questions about the specific flowers you plan to have pressed, send me a message.

How Long Will My Pressed Floral Art Last?

It is important to keep in mind that due to the organic and natural process, flowers will not press out and retain color exactly as they were when fresh. All the flower & greenery colors eventually fade some over the years due to ultra-violet (sun) exposure.