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The World is a Different Place

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The World is a Different Place

Wow, it's been a weird week. While we are all adjusting to a new version of "normal," I have come to understand a few things about myself that I need to express.

*I really need other people to feel productive. That sounds strange, but hear me out. I have always worked, most efficiently, in groups and around other creatives. And since working from home starting in February I developed a process/method of productivity that has served me well in getting this new business off the ground. I would spend the mornings at home: breakfast, chores, checking emails, and in the afternoon I would go to a coffee shop to work on the online store, answer more emails, meet with clients, work on branding ideas, and hopefully catch up with a friend. I didn't get to chat with folks everyday but at least I was communicating with clients on a daily basis and spent time in public spaces. Since this world-wide epidemic of COVID-19 has reached our shores, that has not been the case. I really need the social interaction and the energy of others. Also, scheduling things outside of the home keeps me on track (I have less time to get distracted by things that don't need to be done right now).

*When others are down and hurting, I feel it more deeply than is comfortable. I have known that I am an empathic person for a long time now but this situation has really brought it to the surface in a major way. The negativity all around me has taken me to a dark place emotionally for at least a couple of days. I am heartbroken for all of those who have already lost people they love, for the kids who won't have access to the school lunch program, and the people who will and have lost their jobs and paychecks. It feels so overwhelming and impossible. But thankfully, those are only moments that wash over and then move on.

*I will not stop working to achieve my goals. In a way, this situation is a gift. I will not stop working. This is a time to really dig deep and push harder than ever to show-up for myself and my clients. I have so much I want to do and now I have no excuse! I literally have all the time in the world. 

I know this is a scary time but we cannot be afraid to keep moving forward. Listen to your body, listen to the experts and take their advice. Stay home and wash your hands. I cannot wait to share all of the wonderful things that are in store for Alchemy Atelier in 2020. For me, this year is NOT CANCELED.

xo Alecia