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Cyan + Botanicals

Cyan + Botanicals

I love cyanotype! 💙 It's one of my favorite historical processes. The blue hue cannot be ignored! It's so beautiful. Also, it's a process that truly lends itself to contact printing even with living vegetation. I experimented with this in graduate school and was really impressed with the results of this process on silk. My plans are to create more of these. 💙💙💙

TThis cyanotype was printed on top of green satin, creating a two-tone / ombre effect. This is one of my favorite surprises from this series of experiments. 

TI used various species of fern & agonis to get this delicate print. 💙💙💙

II just cannot get over the shape of the maiden hair fern & the delicacy of the agonis. The process is so very satisfying. Some may view if to be too simplistic but I believe it allows for greater experimentation & innovation. Cyan is the jumping-off point.

Stay tuned for more fun with chemistry, textile, & botany! 💙


Photography Sarah Oden